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Register under GST from anywhere in India in just 4 steps


You need to provide Scanned Documents only. It is a 100% online procedure which requires no physical visit to any statutory authority


The full application will be prepared within 1 working day and at the time of application preparation and Submission, you get TRN and ARN.


filing of the GST Application OPT will be generated which needs to be verified.


On Approval of your GST Application, you get your Company Certificate of GST Registration and GSTIN.

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What is a Composition Scheme under GST ?

The Government has introduced an optional scheme for small businesses, known as the composition scheme. Under the composition scheme:
> Subsidized tax rates are levied
2% for manufacturers
5% for Restaurant Service Providers
1% for other suppliers
>> Three monthly returns are summarized to a quarterly basis.
However, entities enrolled under such scheme are not allowed to take any input tax credit nor can they issue taxable invoices.

What is the relevance of GSTIN?

GSTIN is the GST identification number. It is a unique number allotted to every applicant registered under GST. It is valid for all the business places within a state. The 15 digit GSTIN implies the following:
♣ State Code (first 2 digits)
♣ PAN Number of an applicant ( next 10 digits)
♣ Number of entities in a state of same PAN holder (next 1 digit)
♣ By default – Z
♣ Sum of all the numerical digits in GSTIN ( last digit)

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